is the best mixer for bitcoins, which is used by many bitcoin owners. The service is the first in this niche and itearned the confidence of the bitcoin community. This website is mainly used to provide anonymity and secure transactions.

There is no anonymity about the Bitcoin

A lot of people think that Bitcoin is anonymous, butthis is not so.

All transactions are honest and tracked in the blockchain – a database that stores all the transactions made with bitcoins. If someone finds info about your bitcoin purse, they can track the entire transaction history, including where you got the funds and where you spent it.


If you’ve ever left the data about the wallet, in other words, you transferred your bitcoins to a stock exchange or some other service – thisservice can provide these data to state structures.

How to remain anonymous when using Bitcoins?

You can easily stay anonymous by using – the service that is created specifically for this purpose.

BestMixer is a service that mixes your money:

  • You send your bitcoins to the service
  • It mixes bitcoins
  • It sends you different bitcoins

It’s safe and easy. By making transactions in this way, you break the transactionchain and rest assured that it is not possible to track your funds as there is no connection between the transaction received and sent back to you.

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